About Katrin


I’m Katrin. I am a 27 year old freelancing graphic designer, a lover of hand lettering, feminism and a good breakfast. I’m a bisexual cis woman, who is currently getting herself into the concept of poly relationships. My pronouns are her/she.

For 6 years I blogged about plus size fashion & fat acceptance at Reizende Rundungen, but I layed this blog on ice in the summer of 2015 when I packed my bags and left Germany to travel England and Scotland. After three months of adventures I fell in love with the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where I am living with my best friend Elsa since November 2015.

I believe in feminism and the power of supporting each other furthermore I think everyone is beautiful and can love themself. There is a killerqueen in all of us, no matter what gender we identify with, and I am just about to discover my own.

The Blog

This blog will be a lot of things, but first of all it will be very personal. It will be about me and my thoughts on fashion, feminism, sex, food and what else comes to my mind. If you have any question or like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me.