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August flew by so quickly, and at the same time felt so long and I am tied up in a lot of new responsibilties. I started a new job, as some of you might have read on Instagram, which is taking up 20 hours of my time every week next to still freelancing as a designer and mine and Elsa’s side project Leo+Sag. At the eng of July I had some dear friends staying over for a week, and I really need to share some of the picture I took on our day long road trip through Scotland with you. But first I’m gonna share an outfit, that was already photographed by the sweet Amanda in July this year.

Last week Brigitte, a big German magazine for woman, has featured an article written by me, so if you are new to the blog, thanks for looking me up and finding more stuff to read from and about me.

Due to various reasons most of what I am wearing at the moment is nothing new you can still shop. The shorts are from SimplyBe las autumn, I really like them, as I am still totally digging that caramel colour, but just like most shorts, they ride up between my thighs while walking. Which is annoying but okay when wearing tights underneath. To be honest I really don’t know how a pair of short needs to be cut to not do that? The only solution I can think of is having them so incredible short, they don’t have the space to ride up any higher. Maybe that would be worth a try.

The biker style jacket is from H&M and belong to Elsa, but she adapted to the Scottish weather so much better than I did, so she just doesn’t need jackets in the Scottish summer, unlike me, who is constantly freezing. My shirt is from a German shop called New Yoker and was a sale find the last time I was in Germany. And the shoes are SimblyBe as well.

I really love the shirt, the strings are so long, so instread of just tieing them into a knot I tied them around my neck, which gives the top a little cheeky bonus. I like bondage and fetish inspire fashion. Even though you can get really nice plus size harnesses and the collar look is on trend for a while now, I still feel most plus size clothes that try to go with this trend are a very watered down version of what straight size fetish inspired fashion would look like. If you have any tips, please share them with me!


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