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After a really sweet New Years Eve, my 2017 has started with being ill. I caught a cold and on top of it felt super sick yesterday, well I spare you the details, let’s just say I haven’t really left the house in the last days and today is the first day I am not a miserable puddle of pitying myself for not being alright.

As I don’t yet feel on top of myself I thought instead of writing something to inspire I rather share a few articles,¬† and other bits with you that might help you,to get inspired for a good start into the new year. This isn’t all about making goals or resolutions, but just a collection of inspiring things that I liked in the past year and that could come in handy if you want some input apart from all the “new year, new you”-bullshit that you can’t really avoid in the first weeks of January.


10 Things You Probably Need to Hear this January

Sarah, from Velveteen Femme, a plus size blogger who also lives in Edinburgh, posted the cutest outfit yesterday and included ten really nice things to read, it’s all about getting rid of the guilt and feeling good with yourself.


9 New Years Resolutions From Real People Who Inspire Us

If you are into Resolutions, maybe read thought the resolutions of these nine mega babes, which all revolve around not letting yourself be hold back, fighting your fears or being nicer to yourself.


The Weight of the Evidence

The Weight of the Evidence is a very well researched article about how dieting doesn’t work the way people assume it does. There are in fact many studies showing your weight is not always directly related to your health and that thought being fat can be linked¬† to but can’t be proven to be the cause for certain illnesses. It’s a long but very interesting read and gives you a lot of arguments against people coming at you with their “But what about the health1!1!!!” concerns.


Vagina dispatches

This might be one of the best educational web series of 2016, Vagina Dispatches by Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan is a delightful and fun way to learn more about vaginas, your own body and sexuality. It’s just four episodes and you should definitely take the time to watch them all.


17 Alternative Plus Size Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

If you like me love a more edgy style you may want to check out this post full of super stunning babes rocking alternative and edgy outfits and slaying with goth inspired looks.


7 Ways Dressing In Revealing Clothes Helped Me Love My Fat Body

I love revealing clothes and for me they have played a big part in learning to love my body and showing I am not afraid of ashamed of it anymore. Though this doesn’t have to apply to everyone, I enjoyed reading about similar experiences, also this article is filled with lots inspiring pics of fat babes.


Swipe Right With Me

Last but not least I want to recommend my best friend Elsa’s blog Swipe Right With me, where is blogs about sex, dating and relationships. It’s fun to read and very educational, so don’t miss out on what’s (or who) is going to come in 2017 and give her a follow.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my post – this is such a great collection of links!

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