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Baby, it’s getting colder outside. Well to be honest, I always expected a Scottish winter to be a lot colder, but thanks to living so close to the seaside, we actually still have pretty mild temperatures. Just like yesterday, when the afternoon sun gives Edinburgh a golden shimmer and it was mild enough to immediately wear out this pretty baby blue coat I bought from Amanda’s Depop.

I still love all black outfits, but since I stopped colouring my hair incorporating a lot more colour into my daily wardrobe is a lot easier. Now I own a blush pink, a floral green and this baby blue coat. Non of them are suitable for really cold weather, but they work so well with the windy spring and fall season here.



If you know me from my old blog, you probably remember I’ve never really been a jeans girl. Occasionally yes, but I would always rather wear a well fitted pair of tights than jeans. I still agree with this statement, but since I discovered the Lucy high-waisted skinny jeans from SimplyBe I find myself wearing jeans a lot more often. They actually are really tight around the ankle, which somehow isn’t always the case with plus size skinny jeans. I love the high-waist cut, and though they are very tight they are super stretchy and really comfy. The only thing you need to consider is, that you drastically have to size down. I am wearing a 20UK though I usually buy a 24UK in skirts or other jeans.



The shoes I am wearing are also from SimplyBe, not something that I can rock everyday due to their heel, but still pretty comfortable. My shirt is a simple long sleeve from Primark and the belt is from ASOS Curve.

For a long time I thought a long coat like this wouldn’t work on me because I am quiet short, but now I actually really like the laid back vibe it gives me. I am also really obsessed with this Sleek liquid lipstick, the muted red colour compliments my hair and eyes but isn’t too bright to go with all kind of different outfits.


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  1. Caoimhe says:

    I totally one hundred per cent agree on the jeans/ankle ratio thing..everytime I buy a pair of jeans I end up having to roll the hem or they just don’t even look like skinnies…I must check out this line!love the outfit!you look stunning!💖

  2. That coat is SO amazing! I really love the colour.

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