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After fighting with a  tonsilitis for weeks, I feel like I am finally getting better. Fingers crossed when I am done with these ten days of penicillin all the bacteria has been killed. Yesterday was the first day after over a week I left the house dressed and dolled up and not just for a walk to catch some fresh air but for socialising! Me and my bestie Elsa met up with Amanda, to have a coffee and take some picture so I finally have a new plus size outfit  post for you. Amanda will also post an outfit later, and it’s soo cute, so you should have a look.


I’ve become a massiv fan of SimplyBe since I moved to the UK. Unfortunelty from Germany it was always a real hassle to order something from them. The EU shop needs a credit card, which isn’t as much of a thing in Germany as it is here, and they never sold their whole range of items, so most of the time it felt like missing out the great pieces. I really hope that SimplyBe will sort this out eventually, as they have lots of amazing clothes and shoes. Mentioning the shoes. I mean look at them, leopard print chelsea boots, in an EEE fit, that actually is really wide and feels comfortable and easy to walk in.



The skirt I am wearing is from Primarkt. It’s a UK20, though I am usually wearing a 24/26, it’s a good example that a size tag can’t keep you from wearing a certain item, if it fits over your bum. I got this skirt from Amanda, by the way, isn’t it lovely to have friends wearing the same size to swap and switch items? My bold red jumper is also from SimplyBe, it’s one of their basic items, and I was a bit surprised by it’s intense color when I unwrapped it, but I figured it would go lovely with some gold jewlery and an equally brigth red lipstick. It’s not my usual color of choice but I felt really bad arse in this outfit and I think it was a good choice. My faux-leather jacket is from the recent H&M+ collection, I love the detail on the cuff and the tight and short fit, though yesterday I wished the metal details weren’t silver but gold.



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  1. Vicky says:

    U R BACK!!!! ENDLICH….
    Habe die Killerqueen gerade erst entdeckt und bin begeistert. Du siehst toll aus und ich freu mich auf weitere Geschichten from the UK.
    Liebe Grüße von nem alten/neuen Fan deiner Blogs

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