Old Friends – Plus Size Fall Outfit


Scottish weather quickly became my favorite kind of weather. I know it’s rainy and gray a lot of days but the fall is just so nice, crispy and perfect for layering new pieces and old friends from your closet to create a great fall outfit.

Friends from Germany were visiting last week, and so we spend one afternoon in the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh. I’ve been visiting them again and again all over the year because it’s definitely always worth a stroll and one of my favorite cafés, the Marshmallow Lady, is very close. Thankfully Wiebke was so nice to take the time and shoot some outfit pictures with me. To be honest, even though I posted outfit pictures and of course selfies all year long on Instagram, I am a bit nervous about my first real outfit post after a year of not posting any fashion blog posts.

killerqueen_oldfriends_04 killerqueen_oldfriends_02

I love combining very light and rather thick materials, so when I saw this pleated baby blue skirt on ASOS I knew I could make it into a fall staple piece. I bought it together with this super soft grey sweater because I knew they would make a great match. And, some of you, might recognize an old friend of mine, my beloved Beth Ditto Biker Jacket, that is still with me. It’s torn and out oft shape, it has a huge hole on the right arm but I just can’t say good-bye. It’s been with me for over seven years now and was in one of my first outfit posts on my old fashion blog.
The only piece that was a rather disappointing buy this fall so far are these amazing boots. They are from Yoursclothing, and I really have to say I love their choice of fashionable wide fit shoes, but the quality just sucks. Yes there I said it, but it’s true. I’ve worn this shoes only a handful of times so far and now they are already falling apart at the heel of the right boot.



This necklace is a gift from my grandma, it belonged to my great grand aunt. Last year when I started my road trip I had to carefully chose a few pieces to take with me, because there wasn’t any room for different necklaces or unnecessary stuff like this. This silver chain and witchy pendant has since then been my go to necklace which I wear almost every day. The necklace comes with a matching ring. Generally I feel drawn towards silver at the moment, and I rather have one really nice necklace that doesn’t stain my skin than a handful of cheap ones that start to look off after wearing them a few times.

Soon fall will become a lot colder and darker, but I am ready for the season and looking forward to pair more old favorite pieces that I brought with me with new seasonal clothes. What old friends do you have in your closet that you just can’t let go of?



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  1. Bat says:

    I really dig the outfit 🙂

  2. […] ich erst im September wieder angefangen habe zu bloggen, gibt ich noch nicht so viel Auswahl. Mein erster neuer Outfitpost war aber wirklich etwas besonders und aufregend für mich. Wenn man so lange kein Outfit gepostet […]

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