Good to be back?

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I am back, and literally asking myself: who starts a blog in 2016? That’s basically like starting a new print magazine, doomed to be dead already. But well, after years of blogging and a few month without, I realised I miss it. It’s not like I really need a new blog. There is still a hell lot of stuff to catch up with on my travel blog vom last years road trip. Or I could have easily reactive my old fashion blog “Reizende Rundungen“, but somehow the idea of “The Killerqueen” is floating around in my mind for some time now.

Back in the 90s, I was.. ehm nope, back in the 2000s

Somewhen in 2009 when blogging was about putting stuff out there immediately and social media marketing was a term that I had never heard of, I posted my first outfit. I felt bold and brave and like I had discovered new terrain that had hardly been touched.Β It’s not like I was the first plus size blogger, but I was one of the first fat German babes posting outfits and finding my way into fat acceptance, body positivity and feminism. Now, in September 2016, things have changed a lot. Being a plus size fashion blogger has become a job on it’s own. Body positivity is a main stream media click bait term and I proudly and fully like to call myself a feminist. So seven years later, at a point in my life where once again I feel like I changed a lot but still haven’t found the direction I am heading to, a new blog felt like the platform I need and want right now.

So sit back and relaxe, I also have no clue where this will lead us, but I am ready for outfit posts, emotional rants, talking about being fat, being a woman, being me, for posts about sex and dating and kink, about fashion and design and maybe even food.



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  1. Dave says:

    Not too much detail about the sex I hope πŸ˜‰

  2. Kristina says:

    Sooo good you’re back!

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